A downloadable game for Windows

Warning Early Proto

Roller Deck is a game involving matching cards together.

Match the cards - Reach the goal!

The rules to this puzzle game are simple:
Put your card over another to add, subtract, multiply or divide it with the underlying card! Your goal is to unlock each locked card using a matching Key Card.

Each level is procedural generated (even in this early state each level is 100% possible).

in this early build quite a few things are disabled for example help, leader-boards, options, even the level progression code had to be very much simplified due to time the strict time constraints and it being a one girl team they wasn't finished to a usable state do they where disabled. these features will be added and improved in future builds.

Made in just under 5-6 days for Game Off 2019.

A latter build will be published for JamCraft 4 (what it was originally designed for).

 if you have any opinions, criticisms or ideas about/for this game good or bad ill love to hear them,
and thank you for playing :3


Roller Deck (Game Off 2019 Build) (BugFix 001) 15 MB
Roller Deck (D7 1718 Build) 15 MB